Day Training and Habilitation Programs are Invaluable Resources for Millie, Her Family

by Sue Cell, Access Press, December 10, 2017

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota – I am the mother of twin girls with autism. Our family has searched out the resources that are most appropriate for each child. The twins are now 26; no longer children but adults. Millie is the oldest (by four minutes) and has been involved with CHOICE Inc., a day training and habilitation program in Eden Prairie, for the past five years.

Some say day training and habilitation programs might not be all that necessary, or that they should simply act as a job placement agencies to get people with disabilities employed. I feel a need to speak out. From my point of view, these programs are invaluable in coaching the whole person.

I want Millie to not only survive in a job but to also be self-sufficient in many aspects of her life.

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