Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies

shared courtesy of IARF

ROCKTON, Illinois – The Goldie B. Floberg Center has truly made a small dream into a big reality with successfully opening their first microbusiness. When it comes to increasing employment and satisfying cupcake consumers there is no doubt the job is being done well. Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies (GGG) is a supported employment initiative that brings individuals with developmental disabilities and job coaches together to create meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities. The amazing team sells delicious gourmet outside-in cupcakes, snack mix shakers, chocolate candies and bite size cake spoons.

In February, Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies participated in a charity event benefiting the Arc of Winnebago, Boone and Ogle County. At the event an assortment of seven hundred-bite size chocolate spoons were provided and within forty minutes of the event beginning all of the spoons were gone! The customers were extremely impressed with the concept of GGG and were even more impressed with the quality of the product. “I would work anytime, I love making cupcakes,“ said Ann Marie, employee of Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies. It was evident by the remarks of the individuals at the event that Ann Marie held a key role in making the production a success.

The next big item to be introduced by the thriving microbusiness will be Buttercream Candies. These delicious treats are made from the most favored fillings from GGG’s outside-in cupcakes and coated with a variety of chocolates. If you would like more information about Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies, or would like to order some delicious treats, please visit their website at