Drive For Independence

shared courtesy of Penn-Mar Human Services

Charlie Nickel proudly stands in front of his new Apple Car Wash Express company vehicle.


YORK, Pennsylvania – This past November, Charlie Nickel took a huge step towards full independence when he moved into his own apartment. He was quick to note, and proudly too, that this is not the first time he’s lived on his own.

Charlie, 52, has always striven for independence. Raised in a foster home from the age of six to 21, he learned to depend on himself, yet accept the support of others to get where he is today. Throughout his life he said he’s been very responsible.

“I’ve pretty much worked all my life,” said Charlie. “I always had a summer job as a teenager. I wanted to get a car someday, but my foster mom didn’t want me to work. I told her ‘don’t you want me to get ahead?’”

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