Aspire Staffer’s Use Of Technology Helps Clients With Disabilities, Garners Award

shared courtesy of Aberdeen News

Samantha Glover, a staff member at Aspire, waves to fellow staff member Cory Carlson as they demonstrate a two-way visual speaker, one of the electronic devices Glover uses to help instruct clients at Aspire // American News photo by John Davis

ABERDEEN, South Dakota — To some, self- reliance is a given, for others it’s a gift.

Samantha Glover is a giver of independence. The freedom she gives the clients she works with on a daily basis is assisted by various technology platforms and interfaces.

Glover is the latest Aspire staff member to be recognized as the South Dakota Direct Support Professional of the Year. She also garnered an additional award for innovation. She traveled to Portland, Ore., in May to accept the honors, bestowed the American Network of Community Options and Resources, a trade group of providers of services to people with disabilities.

She has a very matter-of-fact approach to technology.

“I’m assuming all of us use technology in our daily living. Each day it’s growing and becoming more a part of our everyday life,” Glover said at Aspire earlier this month. “I think it’s another way of making (clients) feel more empowered to live like everyone else.”

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