DSP of the Year Profile in Excellence: Marquavius Moore

DSP of the Year Profile in Excellence: Marquavius Moore

Special Category Award Winner: NADSP Tenets

Sunrise Communities, Miami, Florida

Though Marquavius “Mark” Moore might describe himself as a “team player,” his colleagues recognize him as a leader who exemplifies several core NADSP principles for a DSP.

In the eight years that he’s worked as a DSP, Mark has consistently demonstrated his ability to turn challenges into opportunities for the individuals he supports. One young man was a passionate runner and eager to realize his dreams of becoming an athlete. Although these dreams were noble, they also posed a challenge for his safety: if he was upset or uncomfortable, he would frequently run away from support staff. Mark decided to refocus on the young man’s athletic dreams and began training him in cross country and other sports to create a structured space for running and exercise. Because of Mark’s advocacy for the young man’s dream, the young man’s dedication and self-determination has transformed him: “he’s a better runner… and has competed as an athlete in multiple events at the Special Olympics.”

Mark believes in the potential for all of the individuals he supports to be the best they can be. When some individuals’ behavioral issues became difficult for other members of the staff, Mark suggested creating a group sport event to teach them about the benefits of following the rules and working as a team. He not only became head coach but has helped to develop an athletic program that promotes individual wellness, cultivates relationships and inspires confidence among participants. Whether he’s a coach or a team player, Mark is always cheering on his community.