DSP of the Year Profile in Excellence: Phillip Kibbat

DSP of the Year Profile in Excellence: Phillip Kibbat

Florida DSP of the Year

BrightSpring Health Services, Clearwater, Florida

Described by his colleagues as “compassionate and tenacious,” Phillip Kibbat has cultivated a reputation for never giving up on the individuals he supports.

When a blind gentleman was first assigned to Phillip, he expressed an interest in learning braille. Phillip immediately found a braille learning program, but the man was rejected for being “too old to learn braille.” Compassionate about the man’s situation and tenacious in his mission to help him reach his goals, Phillip instead sought out self-teaching braille materials and asked colleagues for support. Phillip engaged on a months’ long attempt to learn braille on his own so that he could teach the man how to feel the cell blocks and identify letters. Two years after beginning this journey, the man now knows the entire alphabet and can spell several words.

Phillip’s focused, compassionate care has also been noticed in the wider community. When one young woman became upset during a group outing at a local park, Phillip immediately began to console her. He was so effective in helping the woman gain control of her feelings that a passerby who witnessed the event later called Phillip’s agency to compliment his approach to care. Not only did Phillip help ensure that the day in the park was enjoyed by the group, he also modeled patience and thoughtfulness in the community.

Phillip is “so in tune” with the residents that his colleagues believe that he has “answered his true calling in life”—as a tenacious advocate for the individuals he supports! ages people to be the best version of themselves.”