Speeding Toward Her Goals

shared courtesy of Business Woman

COLUMBIA, Pennsylvania – Growing up, Hillary McFadden did not enjoy eating out as much as she might have because there were no braille menus available for her to review and choose her meal.

Blind since infancy, McFadden said, “As a blind individual, eating out can be overwhelming because we constantly have to ask someone to read to us what is on the menu.”

As a young adult, McFadden decided to do something about the situation and start her own business at the same time.

“I came up with the idea of creating braille menus for restaurants that did not have any menu to accommodate people with visual impairments,” she said. “I met with a few of my favorite restaurant owners, explained my concerns, and pitched my accommodating ideas.”

Several of the establishments she spoke with were excited about her idea, and now, they have become very satisfied clients.

“Being a business owner is cool because I get to create my own itinerary of restaurants I would like to do business with,” McFadden said. “It’s rewarding to be paid for services I am rendering in the community.”

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