Hugo Rocha Exhibiting What’s Possible When Included, Supported and Empowered

shared courtesy of Tierra del Sol

*Editor’s Note: Hugo Rocha is an artist supported by Tierra Del Sol. While his gallery showing has ended, Hugo is a perfect example of what’s possible when people of all abilities are included, supported and empowered.

LOS ANGELES, California – Artist Hugo Rocha gives his audience a view into another world with his unique vision of interiors, patterns and people. He is inspired by telenovelas, turning cinematic stills into brightly colored folkloric compositions.

Often working to soundtracks, and singing as he conceives his interiors, Rocha builds rhythm and density through colors, patterns and line work. This pictorial immediacy engages the viewer with Rocha’s intimate inner world that transforms sound and space into environments and characters, creating scenes from the mundane to the extraordinary.

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