Mother Distances Herself From Family to Keep Working

shared courtesy of Spectrum News 


California- One mother is spending days and months away from her kids.

Kelly Grimes is a board certified behavior analyst who helps people with developmental disabilities. All of her clients need round -the-clock care and that hasn’t stopped during the pandemic.

The risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus with her family forced the mother of three to make an impossible choice.

“When it came time for me to decide what to do, I really had to look at the end of the day and decide who needed me more, and I felt that at this time, my clients needed me more,” said Grimes.

In March, her husband’s co-worker passed away due to COVID-19. That same month, Grimes moved out of her family’s home and into a studio apartment. For three months she stayed there alone to make sure she didn’t infect any of her loved ones while she continued to work.