Andre Floyd
Kristie Brooks
by Tennessee Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities TENNESSEE—Kristie’s employment at Walgreens is just one example of how more Tennesseans with disabilities are leaving segregated workshops and finding meaningful, integrated opportunities in the workforce and the community. Tennessee is nationally recognized as a leading state for Employment First efforts. DIDD has a goal of doubling...
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Photo: Homes in St. Louis Arc Community
by Sean Luechtefeld, ANCOR, August 9, 2018 ST. LOUIS, Missouri – They say that we tend to befriend those who look like us, so you’d expect that the new friend I made on a recent business trip would be a lot like me: a young, professional, millennial (though I hate to claim the label), White...
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Photo by David Broyles | The Carroll News
By David Broyles, The Carroll News   HILLSVILLE, Virginia – A group home partnership’s press conference Friday of a new facility for five individuals with disabilities was more than ribbon cutting. It stands for hope. The facility is a piece in the ongoing puzzle to ease local concerns for individuals with disabilities in the wake of...
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