Photo by David Broyles | The Carroll News
By David Broyles, The Carroll News   HILLSVILLE, Virginia – A group home partnership’s press conference Friday of a new facility for five individuals with disabilities was more than ribbon cutting. It stands for hope. The facility is a piece in the ongoing puzzle to ease local concerns for individuals with disabilities in the wake of...
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By André Floyd, August 1, 2018 Though he may not have always admitted it, Louis Scarantino is one impressive dude. An aspiring motivational speaker, Louis has no shortage of accomplishments under his belt. He graduated from college cum laude. He’s a published author. He’s currently working on two books, actually, because apparently writing one book...
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Photo: Tom Rich & Jennah Welch
By Jeremy Schneider, The Toledo Blade, July 18, 2018   TOLEDO, Ohio – Tom Rich had practiced every day for weeks leading up to singing the National Anthem at Tuesday’s Toledo Mud Hens baseball game, so he was plenty prepared. But just in case nerves crept up as Mr. Rich took his place behind home plate...
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